Karin Wyttenbach

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Karin Wyttenbach

Own practice since 1996


"My goal in life is to transform hearts and bring joy and success. I support people so that they feel accepted, valued and loved the way they are.

Thanks to a combination of different therapeutic treatments I can meet your individual needs."

  • Languages: English, German and French
  • coping with trauma (according to Anngwyn St. Just and Dr. Peter Levine)
  • ThetaHealing® Practitioner and ThetaHealing® Teacher
  • Trauma oriented, systemic family- and enterprise constellation work
  • Recommendations for homeopathic medicine
  • Accupunctur massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy

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Languages: English, French and German

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Over the years Karin always integrated the important findings in her working concept. Nowadays she works with many methods. Here a list of some of her attended seminars.


01/2019 – present, education in Ho'oponopono Practitioner (Hawaiian forgiveness technique)

07/2017 new residence in Fiji

04/2016 Instructor Certificate for ThetaHealing® DNA Basic Seminar (by Vianna Stibal)

01/2016 – 05/2019 Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner (by Vianna Stibal)

11/2014 Certified WingWave® Coach (by Roger Marquardt)

04/2014 – 06/2014 Eight week Self-Boundary Awareness Training (by Dr. med. Nick Blaser, Centre For Applied Boundary Studies)

2014 Schamanic studies - healing with light (by Sandra Ingerman, Los Angeles)

11/2013 Non-violent Communication by M. B. Rosenberg – Language shapes relationships (with Regula Langemann, Lehrinstitut Radloff) 

09/2011 & 2008 Seminar in Cellsymbiosis Therapy (by Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer)

08/2010 – 07/2012 Trauma centred supervision (by Christina Freund)

03/2010 Basics in colour therapy (by Integra AGP)

09/2009 Basic and advanced seminar in Dunkelfeldmicroscopy (by  Dr. med. Manfred Zauner)

06/2009 Seminar in Skenar-Technology (at Enerbalance)

12/2008 Stress – Trauma – Shock: A generationproblem? (ASCA Foundation)

03/2008 Certified systemic business constellation worker (at KIWA Institut)

11/2007 Medical and dental trauma (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just, ACST)

03/2007 Addiction and posstraumatic stress phenomenon (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just, ACST)

05/2007 Trauma and system (by Evelyne Steinemann)

10/2006 Seminar in Regulation Diagnostics I (by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt)

06/2006 Certificate of Pantha Jama Body Massage (at Keller AG)

05/2006 Deep Memory Process (at Woolger Training International and KIWA Institut)

11/2005 Advanced course in massage (at Keller AG)

11/2005 Certified systemic family constellation worker (at KIWA Institut)

01/2005 Basic seminar in Holleis-Method 

09/2004 Trauma, sexuality and reproduction system (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just at Arizona Center For Social Trauma, ACST - Europe)

09/2004 Schamanic studies (by Sandra Ingerman, Los Angeles)

04/2003 Basic Seminar in Social Trauma Therapy (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just, ACST)

1999 – 2002 Schamanic studies (by Carlo Zumstein)

09/2001 Compassion Fatigue – Burnout (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just, ACST)

09/2001 somatic oriented trauma work (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just, ACST)

08/2001 Basic Seminar in Somatic Experiencing: New ways of Trauma Healing (by Dr. Peter Levine)

01/2001 – 11/2007 Somatic oriented, contextual trauma work (by Dr. Anngwynn St. Just, ACST)

1996 kick off own practice business in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland)

01/1996 Basic Seminar in Craniosacral Therapy (at Upledger Institute)

04/1995 Formation in energetic static treatment: Accupunctur massage and Ear-reflex-zone-controll (by Radloff)

07/1992 – 07/1994 Formation in Classical Homeopathy (by Swiss Society of Bernese Doctors)

09/1977 – 09/1996 medical practice assistant in gynecological and surgical practice  

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