Grow your business resource oriented

with joy!


Are you looking for new ways of profit-building support for your company?

  • inspiring presentations on current topics in the area of health and work for your staff
  • unique and unforgettable team events in the nature
  • professional one-2-one business coachings in your office
  • Constructive professional counselling and coaching for the perfect communication concept 
  • systemic constellation work for businesses solves conflicts and brings about promising future perspectives

Long-term productivity results from a regular health behavior. Support your employees actively, then also your customers will be satisfied with your services and products in the long run. 



English, French and German

Systemic constellation work for businesses

Constellation work have a positive impact on every life domain and can be used for employees in every position. A systemic constellation work your business helps, if your company struggles with one or more of the following: 

• loss of motivation

• high fluctuation

• high absence rates

• conflicts of all kind, mobbing, bad working ambience

• insatisfaction at work place

• bankruptcy / debts

• reorganisation/ organisational development/ change management

• difficult behaviour of staff and management or customers

• problems with customer care management

• reputation management


Karin Wyttenbach combines all her knowledge with that of constellation work to bring your business to the next level.

Team event – vision quest for adventurers

Are you looking for an ideal team building event for your next team event?

You came to the point where you see it is time to rebalance your team's atmosphere and to inspire your team members more?


We will take your team into the wild and accompany every team member's own self-finding process during this unique adventure in the nature and show your team the most amazing tipps for not only experience an unbelievable happiness or fulfillment in life, but also for a mindful working climate. Mindfulness has gained more and more importance at work place too because it is shown that it influences leadership behavior and employees positively in the long run. 


1-2-1 business coaching at your office desk

We focus on your individual needs in a business coaching session. In the work domain we are specialized in:

  • alleviating stress for a fulfilled and successful life in good health condition
  • how to regulate emotions with ease
  • Selbstbewusstsein stärken, authentisches Auftreten
  • clear work motivation
  • becoming peaceful in social conflicts (for instance mobbing, process difficult discussions), how to handle difficult leadership behavior or client behavior as an employee or how to handle difficult employee behavior as a leader 
  • additional support when it comes to psychological topics like addiction (for example smoking, kava, alcohol, drugs, behavioral addictions), anxiety, trauma, burnout and in difficult situations such as divorce, child death, illness of a loved one etc. (we do not replace psychologist's or medical support, we see us as an additional service)
  • efficent techniques for an optimal task performance while staying healthy and strong
  • how to easily regulate rest and activity in your daily life for a great long term health
  • master decision making
  • create empowering future plans

Presentation for your employees

We are inspiring your employees professionally!

Here some examples of presentation titles: 

  • Trauma and it's effects
  • Stress and health
  • Changing life into a purposeful und happy one
  • mindfulness and meditation

Improve your business communication

Are you going to found a company but feel unsure how to conceptualize an authentic, strategic communication concept? 


... or do you already have a communication concept and perceive that your products and services badly sell?


Then it is time that you get your communication concept revised!  


In this coaching package you are going to learn...

  • Why and when communication is successful
  • Which cues make communication a promising success 
  • Which influencing factors are essential for a target reached communication also in the long run
  • How you are going to release stress and clear blockages while communicating with clients or customers
  • How your business vision gets clear and transparent 
  • How to be naturally intrinsic motivated and implement the business strategy with power 
  • What high self confidence is and how it affects your communication behavior 
  • How you effectively handle the diversity of communication canals 
  • How you are going to master face-to-face-meetings with a great feeling

We love to create an inspiring work with you!